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Over the years we have seen many gambling companies feel the wrath of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) both for email marketing, and of course, adverts on television.

Bingo sites, casinos and sports betting have all come under the scrutiny of the ASA following complaints with some upheld and others not.

With that said, we have never before seen a gambling ruling overturned but in the rulings listed on Wednesday 17th May, it was shown that a recent Upheld complaint against Ladbrokes Casino has now been overturned.

Iron Man 3 Causes Issues For Ladbrokes Casino

In May last year, Ladbrokes Casino disseminated an email to some of their clients advertising 10 free spins + 90 spins extra. This email contained images of Iron Man and used the text ‘Enjoy this exclusive Ladbrokes welcome offer with Iron Man 3’.

This resulted in just one complaint, yes, it really is just one complaint that can trigger an ASA investigation. The complainant felt that the email was irresponsible because it was likely to appeal to children.

Of course, Ladbrokes Casino refuted this and responded defending the use of the Iron Man 3 image. However, this response appeared to fall on deaf ears as the ASA upheld the complaint and a slap on the wrist (the advert was not to appear again in the same format) was issued.

Ladbrokes Casino Appeal

Ladbrokes clearly weren’t happy with the ruling and appealed against it. The adjudication for this saw the retraction of the Upheld ruling and it has now become Not Upheld.

The ASA took into consideration that the email was specifically targeted at registered customers who had been validated as being over 18. They accepted that the Iron Man character holds appeal for children and young people but felt that the email was highly unlikely to be seen by this demographic.

The CAP Codes that were not breached but were used for the investigation were:

You can read the full ASA ruling for Ladbrokes Casino here.