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Whether it’s bingo online or at your local club, the main reason for playing is the hope that you are going to be a winner. We’d all like to see a return on our investment (ROI) on our bingo tickets and for one player at Beacon Bingo in Margate, it was quite an ROI.

Cathy Hussey, a 67 year old from Kingsgate in Broadstairs, spent just £2 on the table top bingo game and turned it into a whopping £19,378.88.

Beacon Bingo Dishes Out The Winning Feeling

When asked how she was feeling about her win at the Beacon Bingo club, Cathy is reported as having said

It’s a really odd feeling; to be honest I don’t think it has sunk in yet!

I keep getting asked that I plan to do with the money but I haven’t even thought about it.

When I was playing the games, all of my numbers seemed to come out at once and I was left with just two. 10 more numbers were called and then my last two came out together!

It cost me just £2 to play the Cashline table top bingo and I hadn’t really taken much notice of how much we were playing for.

It was only when the staff member came over and told me how much that I had won that I realised it was quite a lot!

I come to the club about three times a week, I love the atmosphere and the staff are really friendly. It’s like a social club and on the night I won, another lady won £5,000 and someone else won a car.

There is quite a mix of ages too – a few young people and there’s even someone who is nearly 100!

Congratulations to this lucky Beacon Bingo winner!