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It was only a few days ago that we covered news of a woman who defrauded her employer of over £12,000 to play bingo and slots. Today we have learned of another woman who stole over £245,000!

Nikki Conway, 37, worked for Uncle Ted’s Organics and stole the money by transferring cash from a selection of different company accounts to her own.

She was responsible to the financial management of the company and therefore had access to the secure key for online banking.

As if the stealing wasn’t bad enough, the thief was so close to the owner of the company that people often thought she was his daughter.

In his victim impact statement he told of how he was close to securing a multi-million pound deal for some of his products but was now unable to afford the testing because of the theft by Conway.

The financial implications for the businesses owned by William Dickin was that one had to go into liquidation.

Conway had been made redundant from the business in 2015 but continue to steal even after her redundancy.

Jail Sentence For Bingo Addict

In the original article – which can be read here – it says that the defendant had a £1,000 a week gambling habit.

The judge sentenced here to five years in jail.