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Bingo isn’t only a game played in the high street clubs and online but also as a bingo scratchcard from the National Lottery.

The top prize on the £3 bingo cards from the popular lottery operator is £300,000 and for a lucky Horncastle grandmother, that’s what she won. The odds of winning on the White Bingo scratchcard are 3.72.

The lucky winner was Elizabeth Lindley who is 68 but it was actually her husband that picked up the scratchcard for her on Thursday 15th June. He’d pop to the local Co-op to get the newspapers when he picked up the White Bingo scratchcard.

Sitting Comfortably For A Bingo Scratchcard Win

Elizabeth was sat on the sofa scratching off the panels when she realised she had won. She screamed and told her husband how much she had won, then she got him to check, double check and triple check.

Her daughter Sam lives nearby and it was her that she called first. Her other daughter Tracey was the second person she called. She screamed with her mum and then they both burst out laughing.

She went on to tell the Lincolnshire Live reporter

I used to always say that no-one wins big on the scratchcards, now I have to eat my words. I’ve won lots of little prizes since I’ve been playing but I didn’t think for a minute that I would win a jackpot.

What Are The Plans For The Money?

No firm decisions have been made yet as to what to do with the money but Elizabeth would love to take her family to Scotland. Next month her husband turns 80 so there are also plans for a huge family celebration.

The grandchildren will be treated too and there are plans to help with the cost of a university education for two of her granddaughters.