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On June 11th Lady Luck paid a visit to the Apollo Bingo hall in Spennymoor, County Durham. She pulled up a chair next to a 66-year-old regular and ensured she landed a National Live win of £20,000!

Speaking about her winner, the lucky lady said

I was checking my board and realised I needed just one number, the number 37. The next number called was 37 and instinctively, I pressed the claim button.

I didn’t realise how much money I was playing for. It was only when people started clapping and congratulating me that I realised it was quite a bit.

Two days later and I still have butterflies, it is a lot of money to win. I’ve won before but never anything as much as this.

My two friends walked me to my car to tell my husband but he thought they were joking!

When you play the boards, you put your money in and hope for the best. I never thought for a moment I would win over £20,000, it’s fantastic!

The plans for the money so far are a holiday for the whole family. There is a husband, two children and five grandchildren that will all go away together.

A party to award the cheque was held on June 25th.

This club has now taken top spot across the Majestic Bingo company for National Live wins with four so far this year, paying out a total of £52,000.

About Apollo Bingo, Durham

The club has been run as a bingo hall in the Old Majestic cinema since the eighties and was originally owned by Apollo Bingo. It is now owned and operated by Majestic Bingo.

It’s a very small venue in comparison with many clubs with seating for just 456 players at last count but it is well equipped with a snack bar and a bar as well as fruit machines and of course, main stage bingo.