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The gambling industry as a whole has been a bit nervous about the impending introduction of a tax on free play that was due to be implemented in August 2017.

On April 27th it was announced that the implementation of this new tax was to be put back because the government have chosen to drop the new laws from the Finance Bill.

The reason for this is that the government do not believe that the plans for the new tax would not have received enough scrutiny because of parliament being dissolved on 3rd May in preparation for the general election.

Theresa May Helps Online Gambling By Pausing Free Play Tax

In choosing to hold a general election, Theresa May has given the online gambling industry a bit of breathing space because whilst the new tax has not been scrapped completely, it will certainly not be implemented as soon as expected.

It has been said that if the Conservative party are re-elected at the general election on 8th June, the regulations that have been removed currently around the tax on free bets will be re-introduced in an amended Finance Bill.

This means a little breathing space for gambling operators and for players, it could mean that we see a number of sites re-introduce no deposit bonuses for new players.

Free Play Sites

There are many sites online today that are currently offering free play bonuses, the most prolific of these being the majority of sites on the Cozy Games software.

It had been suggested recently [read more here] that there were plans to replace the free play bonuses on these sites with free spins, could it be that with the news of the current hold on the implementation of the free play tax that this does not come to fruition?

Footnote: It has been suggested that the free play tax will still go ahead in August 2017 as expected. We are just waiting for final confirmation on this matter from a variety of different reliable sources.