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The general manager of the Beacon Bingo hall, Rocky Richmond, has launched a free bus service in Redcar. It’s already proving popular, as are the rather large balls on the side of the bus!

The bus service was introduced for customers who were having trouble getting to and from the venue because of the lack of public transport after 6pm.

Every evening the route starts are Liverton Mines and then makes nine other stops before reaching the Beacon Bingo hall.

The return journey happens following the evening bingo session that concludes at 9.20pm.

Biggest Balls At Beacon Bingo

The man himself spoke about the new bus service saying

Many of our customers found it nigh on impossible to attend the evening games because of the timing of the public transport. We really wanted to help and someone suggested a free mini bus service. The moment we heard the idea, we had to go with it!

One of the regulars, Gillian Smith, continued

I don’t drive and the busses are really scarce in the evenings. It was always a struggle to get out for an evening game of bingo and now, with the new service; I can get to bingo and back home again without a problem.

The mini bus itself has Rocky’s face emblazoned on it as well as a number of rather large bingo balls. The strapline on the bus is Rocky Richmond has the biggest balls in Redcar.

He continues by saying

I wasn’t all that keen on the idea at first but once I saw the bus, I loved it. I am very lucky to have a supportive wife who can appreciate the funny side of being married to the man with the biggest balls in town!