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As our readers will know, we play at many different sites online today but of those, we’re VIP’s at hardly any. The only reason for this is that we spend more time writing than playing.

Having said that, we recently reached the heady heights of Emerald VIP at Give Back Bingo, a fairly new site to the world of online bingo.

Not Quite The Bingo VIP

We’ll admit it, it’s not the bingo that has helped us reach the rank of Emerald at the site, it’s the slots and last week, we got pretty lucky playing on of our favourite games at Give Back Bingo.

Late Thursday night we were able to withdraw a tidy sum and part of being A VIP meant that we only had a 24 hour pending period. It’s in this period that you can flow back part or all of your winnings, and something that all gambling sites have.

None of us are stupid and we all know what this pending period is about, it’s a chance for the site to recoup some potential losses when you flow back your winnings and play them through.

By Saturday morning, our winnings were still in the account, and by Monday morning – nearly all had been reversed. Then we got lucky again and actually, we were able to withdraw more than the original amount! However, because we reversed the winnings, the pending period starts all over again!

Bingo VIP Issues

Now, what has really infuriated us with Give Back Bingo are the following points:

  1. When we cashed out on Thursday, this meant that any cashback we were due (10%) was lost because we had made a withdrawal.
  2. The 24 hour pending is only 24 hours if it falls between 10am Monday and close of office on the Friday. Otherwise it could be between 48 and 72 hours.
  3. When you flowback winnings, despite the original withdrawal being made days before, a new pending period starts.
  4. Despite numerous emails to our VIP manager, no response was received by early afternoon on Monday.

It’s all well and good being a VIP at Give Back Bingo, but what is the actual value to us as a player? Right now it feels like very little, although we did get an Easter egg from them!

Please note: Original winnings were withdrawn on 20th April, second request after flowback was 24th April. Winnings were received into my bank on 27th April.