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You’ll have heard of Rock n’ Roll Bingo, and maybe even Rebel Bingo but there’s a number of alternative bingo games available at a venue near you. The latest to reach our ears is Bingo Lingo and it’s hosts, Beryl and Cyril!

Cyril is Daryl Beeton and as he steps into character, he dons a shiny jacket and a very dodgy looking wig to compere the games. Beryl is Nicola Miles Wilding and the company behind Bingo Lingo is called Wild N Beets.

Both Daryl and Nicola are disabled and the show pokes fun at attitudes towards those that have a disability.

There is a YouTube clip of the pair advertising their current tour, and it will give you a taster of just what to expect should you play along at one of the events.

What Is Bingo Lingo?

As bingo players, we understand bingo lingo to be the words used to call the numbers in a game – old favourites like two fat ladies and legs eleven.

This Bingo Lingo is different and is a game that is played on oversized bingo cards, and uses rather big balls! As Mecca Bingo once did for the traditional Olympics, this pair hope to make bingo an official sport for the Paralympics!

It’s a game that everyone can play and is described as being ‘where disability politics meets cheeky end of the pier humour’.

Bingo Lingo On Tour

Currently the pair are on tour around the UK and the remaining dates are as follows:

  • Somerfest, Taunton on 17th June
  • Greenwich and Docklands International Festival on 24th and 25th June
  • Imagine Watford on 2nd July
  • Stockton International Riverside Festival on 5th and 6th August
  • Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth on 16th and 17th September