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Who remembers the Pick ‘n’ Mix at Woolworths? Or it could be the one available at the cinema that appeals to your sweet tooth. At bet365 Bingo they have their very own version of the Pick And Mix but instead of sweets as the prizes, they’ve got a selection of electrical appliances AND a holiday to Bruges.

Every day from 24th April right through until 25th May you can earn tickets for the special prize game of the All Winners Finale by playing in the Pick and Mix room.

Every win on the special games between 11am and midday, 3.30pm and 5.30pm and from 8.30pm until 10.30pm will earn you one ticket.

All one line, two lines and the full house will earn you tickets but that cost of the tickets for the game you play determines which of the three All Winners Finale game you get tickets for.

Tickets can be purchased on the night at a cost of £1 for each of the three games if you prefer.

There will also be a Golden Ticket Selection Box game that will earn you the maximum number of tickets for the All Winners Finale game at the winning ticket price you played.

All Winners Finale Games at bet365 Bingo

There are three games in total on the 26th May; one at 8pm, the other at 8.30pm and the final one at 9pm. The tickets that you will be allocated will be determined by the ticket price you won them on.

  • 8pm game – tickets won on a 5p game – full house prize of a 40″ Samsung Curved 4K TV.
  • 8.30pm game – tickets won on a 10p game – full house prize of a Samsung S8 Smartphone.
  • 9pm game – tickets won on a 20p game – full house prize of the trip to Bruges.

Will you be enjoying a treat from bet365 Bingo in their Pick and Mix promotion?