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Over the years we have seen many a site launch that has made us guffaw or chuckle but the latest that has come to our attention had us spitting our coffee over the monitor. We’ll just leave the name here for a moment, let it sink in….BIG BOY BINGO.

Have you picked yourself up off the floor after ROFL, or recovered from LMAO? Yes, the name really is Big Boy Bingo.

Who Is Responsible For Big Boy Bingo?

The name itself came to our attention following a Skype conversation with someone from Sunshine Digital Media. We’d exchanged pleasantries and then the conversation went like this:

Us: I am good, yourself?
Him: all good thanks just busy with Lucy Bingo and after that Big Boy Bingo
Us: Hahahah at big boy bingo
Him: why ha ha on it??
Him: please share your thoughts
Us: just a really silly name
Us: big boy relates to the size of someone’s penis!

And literally, that is exactly what was said, verbatim.

We asked where the company was based and what their thinking around the brand name was and the response was that their thinking was ‘where big boy play bingo, as in mature guys’.

We did our own market research and asked some of our friends on Facebook

When I say ‘Big Boy Bingo’ what is your instant reaction?

The responses included:

That’s what my girlfriend calls me when she sees me naked!

Massive northern lads in string vests, supping a pint while getting their eyes down for legs 11.

Can I wear my big boy pants when I play it?

Watch those balls drop!

Dragonfish For Big Boy Bingo

We know very little about the site itself other than it is expected to launch in August 2017 and will be on the Dragonfish network.

Will you be frequenting the site when it opens?