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It was the last game of the night and Brian Lindsay and his family were enjoying a night out at Mecca Bingo, Drumchapel. Lady Luck hadn’t been present most of the session for this family but on the final game, she took a seat next to Brian.

Brian didn’t notice her arrival but she wasn’t a stranger. On his 60th birthday she had introduced herself with a £5,500 win on the National Bingo game.

On this occasion though, Lady Luck had a more substantial win lined up for this man. As the numbers were called in the final game of the evening, Brian was able to call house and land himself a jackpot of £10,837.60!

Cruising To A Win At Mecca Bingo

The week before, Brian had booked his first ever cruise and the win at Mecca Bingo has meant that he can now invite his son along. The lucky winner is a train steward and has been coming to the club since it first opened as a bingo hall in 1995!

Speaking of his win, Brian said

When my numbers were called on the final night of the game, I was in shock. I play quite often and am pleased to be able to share my win with my family.

Now I can treat my son and take him on the cruise with us. It’s great because he’d been hinting about how much he would love to come with us!

Thank you to the whole team at Drumchapel. I am delighted.

The manager of the club, Duncan Anderson, said

It’s always exciting to celebrate with our winners and extra special when it is with one of our regulars. We hope he and the family have a great holiday and are looking forward to hearing all about it on his return.