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Shipleys Bingo is available in two different towns, Kidderminster and Redditch. It was the latter that was visited by Lady Luck on 7th April and she sat next to a 78 year old lady as she play the National Live game.

With just £1, the lady in question netted herself an impressive win of £14,473.36 and needless to say, she is over the moon!

Shipleys Bingo Winner Spending Wisely

As is often the case, the winner was in shock for a while following her win and is reported as saying that she still can’t believe that she was the person who landed the jackpot.

One of the first questions that big winners are asked is what they plan on spending their windfall on and for this lady, it’s home improvements.

She quite fancies updating her kitchen and installing some ‘new fangled gadgets’ to make life a little easier.

About National Live Game

The game was first launched in July 2014 and is really popular with players at participating clubs. On 29th January 2017 a tally was done of all the winnings on thsi game since launch and it totalled nearly £23 million.

The game is played four times a day and the prize money varies per session as per below:

  • Monday through Friday afternoons – £5,000*
  • Monday through Saturday evenings – £10,000*
  • Sunday evenings – £25,000*

*Prize values may vary and are subject to tickets sold.