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When I first started playing bingo in 2004 there weren’t nearly as many bingo sites as there are today, so choice was limited. However as a player now, you really are spoiled and as such, have more options of where to spend your hard earn cash.

There have been many changes in the 13 years that I have been in the industry but the one that I’m addressing today is the drop in promotions from various sites.

Welcome Bonus From Bingo Brands

Of course there have been changes in the bingo bonuses offered by the sites, and this will change again ahead of a new tax in August 2017. We have seen sites introduce a no deposit bonus, then remove it. We’ve seen others increase the cash match offer, the reduce it. This is all part of a competitive market, a way to entice new players through the door.

But what about when they’ve got the new player in, what do they do to maintain a players interest in the site when the social side of bingo isn’t quite what it is?

It used to be, certainly for me, that the chat rooms and forums at a site was enough to keep me playing at that bingo brand rather than any other. Now the chat rooms are pretty dull in comparison.

Poor Promotions From Bingo Brands

There are a number of sites that used to have stand out promotions, Foxy Bingo being the first that sprung to mind. However, this site has changed ownership a couple of times and over the years lost its player connection in my opinion.

They used to work hard to build a community, offer short cruises, host weekends away and much more besides – now the brand focuses on celebrity endorsements but not everyone loves TOWIE!

Foxy Bingo aren’t the only site to have dropped the promotional ball, many have done the same and this made me question whether bingo brands are doing enough to maintain a player’s loyalty?

What do you think?