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A while ago now, Foxy Bingo made the decision to introduce Heather Graham as the person under the suit and slowly out the original character. It would seem that other sites are following suit but for a completely different reason.

It wasn’t that long ago that the UK Gambling Commission issued instructions to gambling operators to remove any ads on their websites or through advertising that were likely to appeal to under 18’s and be generally available to view (no login required).

We thought this was just applicable to games like Fluffy Favourites and other titles that had a quite childlike feel to it but some sites have gone a step further.

City And Snappy Bingo Characters Removed From Homepages

A recent visit to City Bingo revealed City the cat, their mascot, has disappeared from the home page!

One minute he was there (screenshot from 22nd October 2017)

City Bingo - Mascot

The next he was gone (screenshot from 12th December 2017)

City Bingo - No Mascot

We thought this might just be a Christmas break for the mascot but then we noticed a change in the logo for a lesser known brand, Snappy Bingo.

Where once logo featured Snappy, now it doesn’t.

Other Bingo Characters Lost

It would appear that these aren’t the only sites to lose some of their identity. Below are just a few other examples.

ABC Bingo – they’ve waved goodbye to the school teacher who use to adorn their pages.

ABC Bingo

Bingo Gran – the cartoon granny has been replaced with a number.

Bingo Gran

Bingo Hero – they’ve lost their superhero!

Bingo Hero

Brown Cow Bingo – they cow has gone walkabout.

Brown Cow Bingo

All of the sites on Mandalay Media have removed their mascots from view before login, including Costa Bingo.

There are plenty more sites that have also lost their bingo characters, and along with them, their ‘personalities’!