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Over the years we have come across a number of rather strange YouTube clips that are bingo related so really, nothing shocks us anymore. Last week we found a video of a lady using bingo dabbers as makeup!

We’re not kidding either, Alyssa Dopazo, a fairly new YouTuber, actually paints her face with bingo dabbers!

Beauty Blender And Dabbers For Bingo Makeup

It might have been a more interesting watch had she used the actual dabber to apply the make up to her face. Instead she used bingo blenders.

When we say she used them as make-up, we’re talking contour, eyeshadow, blusher and even lipstick and we have to be honest, we quite liked how the dabber looked on the lips.

To watch it all happen, click the image below:

Other Bingo Makeup On YouTube

This made us curious, what would a Bingo Makeup search of the video channel reveal?

For the most part the clips feature makeup palettes and the tutorials have the YouTubers picking random numbers for the colours that they have to use. They then create a look with the colours picked.

Bingo Dabbers

The next search was for bingo dabbers and this turned up an interesting video, one that used them to dye hair!

It was created by a young lady with blonde hair from America but it’s not her hair that she is dyeing, it’s her friends. Using a dabber to colour your hair looks quite creative but not something we’ve ever considered.

However, our favourite bingo dabber clip has to be the bingo dabber fight. It features a few friends who are clearly inebriated and of course, dabbers.

Rather than explain everything, just watch the clip below: