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Although we’ve never been fans of the bingo sites from Vista Gaming, they are some of the most established online today.

One of these brands was Bingo Sky, a site that launched in 2004 and with 13 years of play under its belt, it must be doing something right for it’s players.

What we were shocked to discover, via an email from the company, was that Bingo Sky has changed its name to Bingo Spirit!

Why The Name Change For Bingo Sky?

The email that was received said

April is a month of change at BingoSKY as we rebrand the site to its new name, Bingo Spirit. After 13 years, we feel it’s time to remodel the brand identity with a new name…Bingo Spirit.

This change is only to the site name; ownership and all games remain the same. This change will bring a positive new identity to the site, allowing the opportunity to revitalise the player experience and introduce the Bingo Spirit playing experience to new players.

Players will enjoy the same great bingo games, casino games and promotions that we offer across all our bingo brands and this rebranding also offers our affiliates new and exciting marketing opportunities to promote Bingo Spirit, the bingo place to be, the True Essence of Bingo.

However, you have to wonder if maybe Sky Bingo has had a little hand in the change of direction and remodeling of the brand? Could we see Free Spirit Bingo take umbrage at the name change?

Out With The Old, In With The New

When you compare the two logos – that of Bingo Sky and Bingo Spirit, they look quite similar. Aesthetically, the site looks much the same too.

Bingo Sky - Bingo Spirit

If you fancy giving the site a whirl, there are some pretty decent cash match bonuses on offer.