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When BingoRoo launched in May 2017 we had quite high hopes for the brand; the design was quite funky and whilst it was just another Dragonfish site, it had potential. Sadly it never got to reach it because last week we noticed that the site was no longer available.

We spoke to the site owner’s and unfortunately, because of the recent change in regulations around appealing to children and other compliance issues, they were left with no option but to close the site just shy of its first birthday.

BingoRoo Isn’t The First, It Won’t Be The Last

Many white label owners are making similar decisions for their sites too because without a unique selling point and the need to totally rebrand, the financial implications are quite high.

Another factor is the amount of competition there is on the network; we all know the Dragonfish brands are ten-a-penny and for every site like BingoRoo that closes, a couple more will be along in the next month or so.

That said, the rate of new sites opening on the network has slowed recently but again, this is likely to be because potential new brands have had to reconsider the aesthetics of their product.

New Sites Coming Soon

As we wave goodbye to BingoRoo they are a number of other brands that are reported to be coming soon from the Dragonfish camp, many of which we have already reported on here already.

Quid Bingo – it was back in August that we first heard this name and recent changes to the domain show a logo and ‘Coming Soon’.
Cracker Bingo – reported to be launching from the Tau Gaming team, it’s expected on the Real Money Network but has yet to make an appearance.

BingoRoo is unlikely to be missed by players, and certainly will be easily replaced in the great scheme of online bingo, but it’s a sad ending for the owners.