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Earlier in the month we looked at one of the promotions that Costa Bingo have happening for their eighth birthday, the Beach Birthday. Today we can reveal that shortly after that promotion was announced, another was launched by this popular brand!

The Beach Birthday offer sees players in with a chance of winning one of three £1,500 Thomas Cook holiday vouchers (or the cash value if they prefer) but in Birthday Bingo Roulette game, it’s all about cash jackpots.

Birthday Bingo Roulette At Costa Bingo

Like your traditional game of roulette, winning is determined by a number but in this promotion, you don’t get to choose on which number your bet is placed. Since it standard on Friday 30th June, there have been two special games and each has tickets costing 5p each and a guaranteed minimum jackpot of 5p.

However, if you bingo on the specified numbers for the game, you will multiple those winnings by NINE! For example, the game on 30th June would have had a £400 jackpot for the winner if they called house on any number between 1 and 10. For the game on 7th July, the winning numbers would have to be between (an inclusive of) 15 and 25 for the larger jackpot.

The following games remain in this promotion:

  • Friday 14th July – £400 jackpot if you call bingo on the numbers between 30 and 40 (inclusive)
  • Friday 21st July – £400 jackpot if you call bingo on the numbers between 55 and 65 (inclusive)
  • Friday 28th July – £400 jackpot if you call bingo on the numbers between 65 and 75 (inclusive)

Happy 8th Birthday Costa Bingo

It’s hard to believe that Costa Bingo is now eight years old but what this site brought to the table was free bingo 24/7. They followed shortly after the launch of Cheeky Bingo, the first site to offer freebies all day, every day but where Cheeky floundered, Costa Bingo flourished to the big name in online gaming that it is today.