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When you hear the term ‘Chinese burn’ you are probably transported back to your childhood and reminded of when a sibling, or friend, grabbed your wrist and turned their hands across your skin. This created friction and burnt! What you wouldn’t have expected is this term linked with bingo.

A recent article in the Daily Mail reported on a Chinese burn being inflicted on a pensioner who was calling being at a local community event.

Speedy Bingo Caller

Two gay men (Francis Kavanagh Smith,39 and John James McKelvey, 43) accused the caller (Margaret Conlon, 65) of calling the numbers too quickly.

They continued to cause a problem, shouting out throughout the game, and generally being a nuisance at the normally peaceful bingo night in Sligo.

A photograph of the assault was taken as it happened and you can see Ms Conlon pinned against a door and Mr Smith holding her wrist. She is clearly distressed. The image can be seen in the original article here.

Describing the incident, Ms Conlon said

He grabbed my arm with one hand and twisted with the other. It’s the first time any man has ever laid a hand on me in anger before and I am 65 years old.

It was terrifying to be grabbed by a 6ft man and given a Chinese burn.

The pair behaved appallingly, and they will not be coming back to the hall. Everyone is welcome, we don’t care about the colour of their skin or their sexual orientation, but we will not put up with that kind of behaviour.

They are banned from the bingo for life – absolutely!

Two Years Before Justice Was Served

You would have thought this was a cut and dry case, the image says it all, but there was two years of tensions before it finally went to court towards the end of May.

The two man tried to sully the good name of Ms Conlon by claiming that they had been victims of a homophobic campaign by Ms Conlon following the incident at the bingo hall.

The judge, Judge Kevin Kilrane, labeled these claims as ridiculous and fined the pair €300 and €200 respectively.