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When you visit City Bingo now you may notice that their mascot, City the cat, appears to have done a disappearing act! Is this because he is in Santasville helping Father Christmas prepare for the big day?

Or, is it simply that he held appeal to children and in light of recent events and the Gambling Commissions request to operators to remove any ads on websites that are a) likely to appeal particularly to people aged 17 or younger (‘under 18’); and b) generally available to view (‘freely accessible’)?

If it’s the former then we should be seeing the mascot back in the New Year, the latter and we’re unlikely to see him again unless we login to the site.

Seasonal Promotions At City Bingo

Whilst we debate about the whereabouts of City the cat, the site is hosting a number of festive promotions in the run up to the arrival of Santa. The first is their Seasonal Cheer.

Seasonal Cheer

City the cat is raising his glass to all his players and offering up a £50 John Lewis Christmas gift box as a prize every Saturday in December. Tickets for the special games are just a penny each and can be acquired from the main lobby.

Santa Cat Is Coming To Town

Actually, Santa cat is nowhere to be seen, he’s coming to town apparently with the chance to win goods worth £450. Whilst they are advertised as specific prizes as shown below, actually you will receive Amazon vouchers if you’re a winner and get to order the gifts yourself. Or, you can take the cash alternative. With no City police to see how you spend your vouchers, you could buy anything you want!

The game plays on 14th December at 10pm and tickets are 10p each and the prizes listed, along with their values are:

  • One line – Surround sound speaker system worth £100
  • Two lines – Minix smart TV box media player worth £150
  • Three lines – Toshiba 32-inch HD TV