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When it comes to marriage proposals, one at your local bingo hall may not be what you hoped for. For Ellen Copnell, that’s exactly what she got at Coronet Bingo from her partner Steve Heath, but it was perfect for her.

Ellen and Steve have been friends for years as Ellen was married to his best friend, Brian. Sadly Brian lost his battle with cancer last year.

Prior to his death, the trio use to go to the Coronet Bingo hall together and often went with Ellen’s parents for many years. It seemed only fitting then that the proposal happen at a venue that held so many fond memories.

Coronet Bingo Helps Love Blossom

Steve continues the story by saying

We all used to go on holiday together and when Brian died, we were support for each other. I have known Ellen for many years and one thing just led to another.

We come along to bingo most weeks with Ellen’s parents to get them out of the house. We always have a fabulous time and the atmosphere is great, the people are really nice and occasionally, we get lucky and have a win.

I’ve certainly landed the top prize now that Ellen has agreed to be my wife!

I was really nervous and although I had my speech all planned in my head, it never really went the way I had envisaged. It was an emotional moment.

Six Months Of Planning

Steve liaised with Sean Tucker, the manager of Coronet Bingo, for about six months prior to actually getting down on one knee.

Mr Tucker said

We were delighted that Steve chose to propose at our club. It’s an indication of just how our little family-run club is an important place for some people.

This is the first proposal I’ve seen though, and I’ve been here for 30 years!