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On Bank Holiday Monday (29th May) there was a new promotion launched by the National Bingo Game called Double Bubble. At the name would suggest, this new offer could see your prize money doubled if you are a lucky winner!

This special deal is going to continue until further notice and anyone who wins a National Bingo Game prize on a double number will have their cash jackpot doubled!

More For Your Money From The National Bingo Game

To be able to double your money, your full house call must be on any of the eight double numbers. These are 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and 88.

Both afternoon and evening games will host the Double Bubble promotion at your local bingo hall. However, there may be some exceptions if another special game or prize is being played for in the National Bingo Game.

Super Sized National Bingo Games

In addition to the Double Bubble promotion, the National Bingo Game is planning on putting a little sizzle into summer with the introduction of three Super Sizes Saturday Games in June, July and August.

These games will be hosted on the following dates:

  • Saturday 17th June
  • Saturday 15th July
  • Saturday 19th August

Each will have an afternoon prize of £25,000 and an evening jackpot of £50,000.

There’s more to the promotion though, but more details will not be available until the day. What we do know is that the one line and two line prizes on the special games will have enhanced prizes – we just don’t know what they are going to be at this point in time.