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A near octogenarian has won an impressive amount of cash playing at the Apollo Bingo club in Durham. The 79 year old landed the money playing along with her sister and ask you might expect, she is over the moon.

Edith Coulson is from Brandon, not too far from the club, and netted herself a tidy amount of £12,181.72. She has plans for the windfall already, telling a reporter at her local newspaper that she plans on buying herself some new carpets.

Apollo Bingo Regular

Edith and her sister frequent the Front Street venue most Saturdays and on 22nd April, Lady Luck looks to have pulled up a chair beside the ladies.

Edith tells of how she won the money by saying

It all happened very quickly! I was playing along and realised I needed just one number for the full house. I glanced at the board and saw that the number I was waiting for was on the screen.

I didn’t realise at the time just how much money we were playing for, I thought it was just your usual house price. My sister knew though, she was sat opposite me with her mouth wide open when I called ‘House’!

It would be fair to say that we had a good time at bingo that afternoon.

A Few Treats For The Apollo Bingo Winner

As well as investing in some new carpets for her home, Edith says she plans on taking her sister out on a spending spree and updating her wardrobe. She will also be treating other members of her family.

That same family will be at the club tomorrow to celebrate Edith’s big win as the Apollo Bingo hall will be hosting a party.