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Mecca Bingo continue to roll out great promotions to complement their Meccarena marketing campaign but not all are new. What we’re seeing at the site at the moment are old favourites making a come back and this includes the Everyone’s A Winner offer.

The promotion got underway at the beginning of February but continues right through until 4th March, meaning plenty time for you to still get involved and win something. After all, Everyone’s A Winner At Mecca Bingo!

Getting Involved At Mecca Bingo

For your chance to be a winner you simply have to play £5 on bingo at the site, this will qualify you for a prize the following day. Log back into your account the following day after 2pm and you will see the prize that you won.

Everyone will get a prize daily and these range from as little as 50 pence but could be as much as £1,000! There will be 6,500+ players who take the lowest prize but just one daily winning the top prize. There are a number of other cash prizes on offer in between. These are:

  • 5 x £500
  • 10 x £100
  • 100 x £50
  • 500 x £10
  • 2,000 x £1

To claim your prize you will be required to enter a bonus code in the My Bonuses section of your account. The code will be provided by Mecca Bingo.

Tangible Prizes From Mecca Bingo

As well as the cash prizes, there are also quite a few tangible prizes to be won from this promotion, 48 in total, with one given away each day of the promotion. The prizes are:

  • 1 x £1,000 holiday voucher
  • 1 x iPhone 8
  • 1 x Personal shopper experience
  • 1 x Exclusive audience with….
  • 1 x Laptop
  • 1 x Lawnmower
  • 1 x Crystal wine glasses set
  • 1 x LG soundbar
  • 2 x 48″ LG TV
  • 2 x Ticketmaster
  • 2 x BBQ
  • 4 x Echo
  • 5 x Tassimo coffee machine
  • 5 x Old school DAB radio
  • 10 x Kindle Fire
  • 10 x Electric toothbrush

What will you win at Mecca Bingo?