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On Tuesday 30th May the Mecca Bingo hall in Exeter is to close for one night for a private function but regulars are not impressed!

The Mecca Bingo club in North Street has been around for 40 years and each night, players flock to the venue to play their favourite game but not on Tuesday.

Mecca Bingo Protest Planned

According to the local newspaper, whilst regular players may not be able to enter the venue, they will still be at the North Street venue. It just won’t be dabbers in their hands but protest banners instead.

A spokesman for Mecca Bingo said that the venue is to be closed for one night for a private function. They apologised for the upset to customers but this doesn’t appear to be enough.

One of the players who are planning to protest had this to say

There are many of us that visit the club on a regular basis, some of us for the last 40 years. We’re all members and pretty much go every Tuesday evening to bingo.

We were recently informed that we couldn’t go on Tuesday 30th as the venue was being closed to members because it is being opened for students at the University of Exeter.

We are very annoyed and feel that we shouldn’t be stopped from going. We were informed in such a way that it seemed like they want to get the older generation out and attract the youngsters. We’re the players who have kept the club going for 40 years!

It would have been more acceptable to split the venue, it has the capacity for about 600 people. Instead they have chosen to ban us for the evening.

Mecca Bingo Respond

A spokesman for Mecca Bingo responded by saying

We are really sorry to hear the some of our customers are upset. We have given them plenty of notice and a voucher for other sessions to compensate them.

This is a one off event and we opted to close on out quietest night so as to inconvenience as few of our regulars as possible.

We are open every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day so for us to hold a private event is very unusual. We hope customers will come and play at any of the other 13 sessions being held in the same week.

If we were there customers, that last statement would be read as ‘Tough! suck it up buttercup’ – it was both condescending and imperious!