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Although not everyone is a fan of the American animated series Family Guy, many people are. A recent scout around YouTube turned up a clip of Peter and Joe heading to their local hall for a game of bingo!

In America, bingo is played differently to the game in England, but we’re used to the 75 ball game they play, thanks to online gaming.

In the clip, Peter is clearly an unwilling participant and even when Joe extends the invite, he’s quite blunt in his response – ‘Why the hell would I want to go to bingo?’.

Playing Family Guy Bingo

At the venue, Peter and Joe are sat with a number of people, all quite a bit older judging by their cartoon wrinkles. Joe has is very own fan club but at first, Peter just isn’t responding well to the banter.

Joe explains the response that he will give when the number 069 is called, and it may be similar to that you might have heard in the good old days. He says he will respond with ‘oh my! Ohhh la la’. Peter still isn’t enjoying himself and offers his own version. ‘Oh my god, I want to kill myself right now!

And then, he wins bingo!

On his return visit, Peter has donned a bingo shirt, brought snacks and obviously now really impressed with the game. Joe on the other hand doesn’t seem so keen as his bingo pals seem to favour Peter now.

Peter completely takes over and it’s only when Lois brings the kids to the venue that it looks as though Joe gets his game back!

Watching The Family Guy Bingo Clip

To watch the clip just click the link below