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Bingo was a little bit more eventful at the Mecca bingo hall in the Eclipse Leisure Park in Dundee recently when a fight between two groups of players broke out.

Police were called to the fracas and two groups were escorted from the premises. However, whilst the commotion was happening, the bingo called carried on regardless.

Witnesses Speak Out At Mecca Bingo

Club members and staff spoke to reporters, one saying how the hall stopped in shock as the two groups exchanged blows.

She went on to say

I believe there were two groups of three people involved and they were quite far apart. There were five women and one man and they were shouting over everything.

I heard them say things to each other like “come on then” and “want to take this outside”. It was then that the scuffle broke out with two of the younger women holding each other by the throat.

The security staff were trying really hard to get them apart and many players were filming the fight.

It took a while but eventually security got both groups outside. The bingo caller didn’t stop at all, even with all the shouting and commotion going on.

The operations director for Mecca Bingo praised his staff for the handling of the incident.

He is reported to have said:

A small altercation took place at our Dundee Douglasfield club on Friday 13th April. It was dealt with in a professional manner by our staff.

No customers or staff were hurt or injured during the incident and the club is not involved with any further action.

Would an incident like this put you off attending your local bingo hall?

The Fight

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