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Patrick Bowler was the first ever Bingo Caller Of The Year, a title he won in 1994 in the competition that is organised by the National Bingo Association.

Sadly this well known caller passed away recently at the age of just 61.

Gala Bingo Caller For 30+ Years

Patrick worked as a Gala Bingo called from 1979 to 2011 and was best known for his bow ties and smart bib and tucker. He had to give up his job six years ago following cancer of the vocal cord.

Whilst he beat the cancer, his voice was affected and he was unable to continue doing the job he loved. However, he didn’t leave Gala Bingo but continued to work in customer services, remaining a popular face with customers.

When he first started at the venue, it was the Floral Hall and it was here that he met his wife.

She said

He was a really good bingo caller and was very popular. We met at the hall through a friend and he asked me out. We were married for 29 years!

When he won the Bingo Caller Of The Year competition, we got a trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. During the trip he called bingo at the San Manual Indian reservation in front of 2000 people AND called bingo at Caesar’s Palace via the telephone.

He used to love his suits and would always been immaculately dressed. In the day he would wear just an ordinary suit, but in the evening, he would don a dress suit complete with wing collar shirt and bow tie.

Although a private man, he loved his job. He adored entertaining people but at home, he was a bit more reserved.

RIP Patrick.