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Kristina Rihanoff is no stranger to the world of online bingo. She first appeared on promotional material for Foxy Bingo way back in 2009 when she got involved in Doing Something Funny For Money for Comic Relief.

Now she is back on our screens trying to teach the Mecca Bingo Meccarena to three celebrities as part of the campaign for another popular bingo brand.

Foxy And Kristina Rihanoff

Of the two of them, Foxy seems to have aged better although both look to have had some work done!

Watching the clip, the PC brigade will be having a field day with how Foxy objectifies Kristina by watching her backside wiggle when she is trying to teach him to dance. However, compare it to the Meccarena clip, and two of the three celebs take a similar interest!

Kristina Rihanoff And The Meccarena

Her acting in the clip for Mecca Bingo is as wooden as it was in the Foxy clip and to be honest, it was hard work watching it.

In case, like me, you didn’t have a clue who two of the three celebs are, they are:

  • Simon Webbe from Blue
  • Jordan Davies from Ibiza Weekender on ITV2
  • Dean Fagan who played Luke Britton in Coronation Street

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Meccarena advert – it’s catchy and great to watch but this ‘Dance Off’ and the wooden acting from Kristina is only being watched because it’s my job.

I’m not sure where Mecca Bingo plan to go with this, or how far but if their plan is to get the nation up and dancing to the Meccarena, most already do it at family parties and weddings. I certainly don’t need teaching the moves, do you?