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Unless you have had your head buried in the sand you will know that Tombola often offer a £5 no deposit required bonus to both new and current members of their site.

For the new players the free fiver is usually available in a number of different ways but each involves a bonus code.

New Players Free Fivers At Tombola

Newbies can find bonus codes in leaflets in various places. They could find them in their favourite magazine or even with their home shopping delivery.

In addition to that, the codes can be made available from friends using the PlayMates codes they are given. If you register and deposit using these codes, your friend will get lucky when you do!

PlayMates are definitely worth having, and from personal experience we can tell you that one of ours alone has created bonuses of over £1,500 for us!

Free Fivers For Everyone

As well as the above methods of getting a free fiver from Tombola, usually restricted to new players only, a couple of times a year the site will disseminate a bonus to their already registered members too.

The last time this happened, and for the most part this is how it happens, the site releases bonus codes in alphabetical order. For example the A’s are released when the promotion starts and the Z’s a few days before the promotion ends.

Bonuses are awarded by surname rather than username.

If you visit Tombola today you will see that the free £5 for all notice is currently showing. Details are non-existent at the moment but rest assured, it won’t be too long before you are able to claim yours.

Free Fiver - Tombola

Fingers crossed it is lucky for you! Let us know of any big wins and of course, if you’ve done as well with any of your PlayMates as we have.