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When it comes to the weird and wonderful for bingo, you certainly find it all on YouTube! A recent search found a group of French blokes playing bingo in some rather unusual places.

The venues were only unusual in so far as they aren’t where you would usually expect to play a game of bingo.

The three men, Jonathan Demayo, Grégory Guillotin and Greg Vacher, visited a Social Security office, a McDonalds and a train station. In all venues they were required to take a number, a number that we all know will eventually be called.

Playing Pranksters Bingo

The clip starts with each man on his way to his allotted venue. They individually speak about winning and their hopes of grabbing a prize.

As they reach their destinations, the enter the building and take a ticket.

At the Social Security office, the number is 83, at the train station it is 115 and at McDonalds number 37 after ordering a goat’s cheese wrap.

Whilst in their respective venues they approach other people and ask them about their numbers. They then wish them ‘bon chance’ (good luck) and walk away leaving the other person looking quite perplexed. As other people’s numbers are called, they congratulate them causing even more confusion.

Winning Pranksters Bingo

Even better is when their own numbers are called and they proceed to celebrate elaborately. The looks on other people’s faces are priceless but don’t take our word for it, watch the clip below by clicking the image.

Prankster Bingo….there’s a name for a new bingo site if ever we heard one!