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When you head to your local bingo hall it’s with the hope that a win could be life-changing but for one man, a win was life-saving!

So how exactly could a Gala Bingo win be life-saving? Could it be that it was to pay for specialist treatment not covered by the NHS? If so it would have to be quite substantial….

No, the win was just £2.50 but the winner, Tom McLoughlin who is 56 and a bus driver, attributes the win to saving his life.

How Did A Gala Bingo Win Save A Life Or Three?

Mr McLoughlin had been at the Gala Bingo hall in Croft Retail Park and got lucky with his little win. Whilst most of us wouldn’t be overly impressed, it was the delay in collecting his winnings that may well have saved his life and that of his son and daughter in law.

You see Mr McLoughlin lives on Bebington Road, a road that saw a massive gas explosion happen on 25th March.

Had he not been delayed by collecting his winnings, the family may well have suffered serious injury, or worse still, loss of life in the explosion!

Turning in to his road he was greeted with scenes of devastation having arrived before the emergency services on the evening of 25th March.

He picks up the story by saying

Ours was the first car coming up Boundary Road; we were very, very, very lucky! The explosion must have happened just seconds before we turned the corner. Thank goodness my first Gala Bingo win happened that day!

It may have only been £2.50 that kept us from leaving earlier, but considering what has happened, it feels like winning the lottery.