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If you’re an old school bingo player then you will know that over the years, since Cashcade sold to bwin.Party, we have seen many changes to their brands. The most recent has been with Foxy Bingo and how they dumped all their affiliates and then invested money in rebranding with Heather Graham as the new face of the brand.

It would seem that affiliates are not the only victims of the changes at Foxy Bingo, one of the free bingo brands has closed and as far as we know, with no real notice to players. Foxy Zero is no more.

Foxy Zero Closes Its Doors

We learnt about the closure completely by chance whilst checking for any new sites set to launch soon from the 888 camp. It was whilst doing this we noted that Foxy Zero was no longer on the list so we typed the URL in our address bar.

It wasn’t Foxy Zero we were directed to but Foxy Bingo!

Were you a member of Foxy Zero and if so, did you receive a notification of the closure? What did the email say?

A Potted Foxy Zero History

Foxy Zero was first launched in 2009, a few months after the first ever Cashcade free play site Cheeky Bingo opened. The ethos of the site was very similar to its predecessor but it never really made quite the impression that Cheeky had.

It was clear quite early on that this site was always going to be the poor relation in the Cashcade family. Whilst Foxy himself underwent many changes, some of them in fashion, the old Foxy remained in his purple velour suit at the Zero brand.

Promotions were never quite as interesting or impressive and generally, the site was never shown much love by the owners, past or present.

We’re not shocked to find that it has closed but is it the first of many?