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Over the last few days we’ve spent a lot of time visiting various brands online looking at the new bonus structure for sites powered by Cassava / 888. The reason for this is that on 24th September 2015 new terms and conditions came into play at Dragonfish brands and we wanted to understand fully the implication for you, the player.

Whilst we were reading page upon page of terms and conditions at hundreds of sites, it became apparent that whilst the standard Dragonfish bonuses seemed to be prevalent, there were a number of anomalies. These were mainly on the sub-networks like United Bingo, Cashcade and the Intertain / Mandalay Media sites – understandable really as they are pretty much separate entities.

8 Ball Games – Higher Wagering

However, what was a surprise was that 8 Ball Games brands have all opted to increase their wagering requirements on bingo to 2x more than your standard Dragonfish brands. 8 Ball Games are the ONLY company to have increased the wagering, all the other brands on sub-networks reduced theirs or left them as standard!

Why are 8 Ball Games so special? What makes their brands worthy of an increased wagering requirement? From where we are sitting, nothing! Why then would a player opt for a brand with 6x wagering requirements on bingo when the standard is 4x?

If you are someone who would prefer to avoid sites that have an increased wagering requirement on bingo then these are just a couple of the brands you want to avoid:

There are many others online from 8 Ball Games on the Dragonfish network, we suggest checking the site’s Terms and Conditions for details of the bonus policy before making a deposit.