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Recently we have seen some changes to many online bingo sites, predominantly in the design and the move to HTML5. At many sites you are now given a choice of lobby when you login, the classic or mobile look (or new and old as some display the options).

Mecca Bingo are currently trying to encourage their players to shed the old and try the new and are doing this by incentivising the change. This is being achieved by putting bonuses on the table and whilst they may not be that impressive, we all know that as bingo players we love a little something for nothing.

Better The Devil You Know At Mecca Bingo

As human beings, we are creatures of habit and often stick with the ‘better the devil you know’ mindset. Dangle a financial carrot, however small and most people can be tempted to change. It’s this premise that Mecca are clearly working on.

Throughout May, every day that you login and play through the new lobby will earn you 20% cash back! All you have to do is follow the steps shown below:

  • Login to your account and enter the relevant code listed below.
  • Play through £5 to £10 on bingo tickets.
  • Once the required spend has been met, your bonus will be calculated and credited.

It is worth noting that this promotion only offers a minimum of £1 cash back and a maximum of £2 per day. However, with 28 days of the promotion, that’s a potential £56 of bonus money.

The Bonus Codes At Mecca Bingo

Every day the bonus code changes but their pretty easy to work out. For example, today’s code is NEW19, tomorrows is NEW20. The code is NEW followed by the numerical digit for the day.