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It was late May when the Mecca Bingo club in North Street, Exeter first hit the news and it wasn’t because of a big National Bingo Game winner.

Instead, the club hit the news because it had managed to offend some of its regular players by closing the venue on a Tuesday for a private function [read more here].

Today the news is that there is another disgruntled member of the club, this time a disabled man.

Broken Lift At Mecca Bingo, Exeter

John Bahrij is 65 and suffers with MS, which leaves him wheelchair bound. He’s been a regular at the club for a few years now and used to go every day for a game of bingo.

For several weeks now, John has been unable to play because the lift in the club has broken down. For him this means he is left outside whilst his friends enjoy a game.

Speaking to the local newspaper, John had this to say

I come to Mecca Bingo every day and spend a couple of hundred pounds each week playing bingo.

Since the lift broke, I’ve not been able to play. I’ve been calling them regularly to see if the lift has been fixed, but still it has not been sorted.

I don’t feel the club is doing enough to look after their customers, and I am not the only disabled player, there are at least a dozen others who spend a lot of time and money at the venue.

When the general manager of Mecca Bingo, Alan Forshaw, was approached about the issue his response was

It’s not about money; as soon as the lift has been repaired we will contact John. We have already had a good relationship with him.

He went on to say that it was just about getting the engineers to agree a date for the repair.