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When it comes to video bingo, we’re happy to admit that we’ve never been really big fans. There are quite a few versions available online now and usually, we avoid them and stick with the traditional game.

However, a new game came to our attention recently and after playing a few rounds of Muertitos Bingo from Red Rake Gaming, we were impressed.

Great Playability And Bonus Rounds With Muertitos Bingo

The literal translation of muertitos is ‘little dead’ and when you play the game, you’re reminded of Dia De Muertos – day of the dead, a Mexican holiday celebrated in November.

If you’ve recently see Coco, a film from Disney Pixar, then you’ll understand the theme of this bingo game.

The game has 19 different pattern prizes and you can get 10 extra balls at the end of each game if you’re willing to pay for them.

What we particularly like was the ability to win a bonus round for creating a specific pattern with your bingo balls.

The Muertitos Bingo Bonus Round

When you have activated the bonus round on this vide bingo game you are presented with10 calavera and you have to pick them. Each will reveal a prize and you have the option to stick or keep on playing with each one that you pick.

Features of this game include:

  • Animations and special prizes when playing
  • Four cards each with three lines and five columns – 90 ball bingo
  • Bonus round in the form of a mini game
  • Plenty of different prize options and patterns
  • 10 extra balls with free balls and wild balls in the mix. A wild ball can be placed anywhere.

The Game In Play

You can watch the game in play by clicking the image below:

You can play the game on Facebook under the Our Bingo app.