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When it comes to advertising any product on television, the commercial has to be one that’s eye catching. Recipe, the marketing agency who created the latest Wink Bingo advert, look to have ticked all the boxes.

Towards the end of last month we saw Wink Bingo reveal their swanky new look to players and within a very short time, that very same new look was being advertised on the small screen with their equally as swanky brand new commercial.

Pop Art Commercial From Wink Bingo

The aesthetics of the web site come alive in the advert and the strapline is “You’ve Earned It”. We see the face of the new Wink Bingo stood on a balcony of an old style council block of flats in her bandana and rockabilly dress. She speaks into a microphone addressing the wonder women of the world.

She says

We are the unsung heroes of the world. We are up first and complain last. We’re unstoppable and we deserve more! Come on, we deserve Wink Rewards. Play bingo, earn rewards and spend them at some of your favourite retailers. Wink Bingo, you’ve earned it.

Below her, a group of people listen but as she starts speaking we see a woman at a supermarket, another at the office and one sat in the park all turn to listen to what she has to say.

Towards the end of the advert we see the three woman above transform from cartoon characters to real women. We liked that touch.

Wink Rewards

The main focus of the advert does not seem to be the cash match part of the welcome package being offered by the site to new players, but instead the Wink Rewards. That’s clear in the talk of being able to spend the rewards at your favourite retailers.

Being big fans of the Wink Reward system, it makes sense that this is the aspect of the welcome offer that they have concentrated on.

You can see the advert by clicking the image below or on a TV set near you!