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The chances are that you will be well aware that Gala Bingo already offers their players a Newbie Room, a room to cut their virtual teeth on. The Newbie Room is available to new players who have registered an account and is open for seven days from the point of registration.

The sessions are midday and 2 pm and then from 6 pm until 8 pm and there are £25 of bingo bonuses to be won on each of the free games played in the room.

Next Stage For Newbies At Gala Bingo

So whilst you are using your seven days of free play in the Newbies Room, you’ll also have been promoted to the Newbie + room. This room is open for FOURTEEN days from the point of registration.

The difference between the two rooms is that the Newbie+ Room offers pay to play games and is also host to the Newbie Party Hour.

From the point that you register with Gala Bingo, this means that you get seven days entry to the Newbies Room AND 14 days to play in the Newbies+ Room.

Newbie+ Room Sessions

There is a Newbie+ Room session from 2 pm until 3 pm and then again from 8 pm until 9 pm. In these sessions there will be one hour of chat games and each of the chat games will offer £1 per game. There would be 10 chat games per hour.

All chat game winners are then entered into a prize draw at the end of the month and could win Happy Points (these are the loyalty points from Gala Bingo), bingo bonuses, free tickets and a selection of cool tangible prizes.

Tickets for the Newbie+ Room cost 30p for six on each game. There will be over £50,000 in prize money won in a 14 day period in this room.