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Bingola is one of many sites that are now owned by the JackpotJoy Group. It’s a site that opened in September 2014 and one that joined the likes of Costa Bingo in the ranks of free play sites.

News today is that this brand is soon to close as of 28th February so ‘the free bingo funfair’ will be no more’; virtual tumbleweed will blow across the entrance to the ghost train as the ferris wheel rusts….

Why Is Bingola Closing?

The honest answer to the question ‘Why is Bingola closing?’ is that we do not know. We can hazard a guess that in the same way as any business will make cuts when costs increases, this is what has happened.

In  August last year a new tax was levied against operators for free play bonuses and this had quite an impact on many operators and their bottom lines. Bingola dropped their no deposit required bonus and like many sites, Then there were new regulations introduced that required sites to hold less appeal to younger audiences and with a funfair theme, Bingola had to change.

The combination of the two things are probably responsible for the impending closure of the site but will it be the only casualty from the JackpotJoy Group or could we see more over time?

For the interim, Bingola players are being directed to other sites on the same network as you can see from the closure notification screen below:

Bingola Closure

Closure Notice From Bingola

Players are informed that the site will be closing on 28th February 2018. They are then presents with three alternatives and a link to all sites from this group.

The page continues by telling players

If you have any questions or require assistance, please fo not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team [email included]. You can also telephone [telephone numbers included].