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As well as all the main retail bingo operators, the likes of Gala and Mecca, there are many independents up and down the country. One of those is Orion Bingo, a hall in Westerhope owned by the Hay family.

Before the Hay family took over last year, the Orion Bingo building had fallen into disrepair but has now been refurbished and will open for business in the next couple of days.

Orion Bingo Giving Giants A Run For Their Money

Davy Parker who is the general manager for Orion Bingo and previously worked at Gala, has every faith that the new hall can attract customers away from some of the larger venues in Newcastle.

He is reported as having said

We have the ‘winnability’ factor that big companies like Gala and Mecca don’t. With only 40 or 50 people at an average session in our club, your chances of winning are improved.

Whilst it may be a little more expensive to play with us, you have a better chance of being a winner than with the big boys.

Keeping It In The Family

Nicola Hay is the partner of Mr Parker and it is her parents that own the venue. They have invested a tidy sum of £400,000 in the refurbishment and the majority of the work was done when the hall was open to ensure the business continued running.

New electronic bingo machines have been introduced and using these, players can buy more games for each game. This naturally increased the income at the club and as such, the jackpots have increased.

According to the Chronicle Live, many believed the venue was closed because the exterior of the building makes it look derelict. The exterior of the building will be getting a makeover too, and new signage will be used.