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If you had to choose any Eastenders character, present or past, that was most likely to be seen calling a game of bingo, who would it be? Our money would be on someone like Pauline Fowler or Dot Cotton but we’d be way off the mark for the caller at Beacon Bingo at 1st April 2017.

Currently Steve McFadden is on a break from filming Eastenders and his Phil Mitchell character is sunning himself with on screen wife, Sharon Mitchell as he recovers from a liver transplant.

Would you have had bingo calling as something that this actor would have signed up for?

April Fool From Beacon Bingo

When the article was posted in the Northampton Chronicle and shared on the Beacon Bingo Facebook page, because of the date of the event, many believed it was an April Fool’s joke.

Management were quick to confirm that the event is actually happening and the assistant manager for the venue, Adam Charlesworth, said

We booked Steve McFadden through his agent following a succesful event at our Ilkeston club where Jeff Gordley (Emmerdale’s Kane Dingle) called a game or two.

A lot of comments on the Facebook page suggest that many thought it to be a prank but after reassurance from the manager, they are all keen as mustard to attend.

The Best Mitchell Storylines

When you think of Phil Mitchell, the best storylines, or at least the most memorable, have to be:

  1. His affair with Sharon whilst she was married to Grant.
  2. His shooting and the ‘whodunit?’ storyline.
  3. His rivalry, although not quite what is was, with Ian Beale.
  4. The feuds with Steve Owen and Dan Sullivan.
  5. His marriage to Stella, who abused Ben and then jumped off a roof!