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It’s the weekend! And for many yesterday was pay day but for some, that’s not until Monday. If you’re in the latter group and budget means that you can’t afford a Saturday night out on the town then why not chat out the Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) Saturday Cash Climber at Mecca Bingo.

This is just one of many BGT promotions taking place at Mecca Bingo whilst the talent show airs on television and we’re loving what they have to offer!

BGT Cash Climber Sessions At Mecca Bingo

To accompany the talent show on TV on a Saturday night, Mecca Bingo have Cash Climber games and what they have done is combine their player’s passion for the talent show and bingo.

There’s a £10,000 prize pot and what’s really great is that you don’t have to have a talent or perform! Simply play bingo and hope Lady Luck is in the audience and rooting for you.

The session plays from 7pm through until 10pm and the venue is the Britain’s Got Talent Bingo room. Game prizes start at £100 and will rise throughout the evening.

Earning Tickets For The Mecca Bingo Cash Climber

You can also earn tickets for the Saturday night event by playing in the BGT room on a Thursday.

How many tickets you earn will be determined by the amount that you spend in the room as per the following:

  • £5 spend will earn you six tickets for one game
  • £10 spend will earn you six tickets for two games
  • £15 spend will earn you six tickets for three games
  • £20 spend will earn you six tickets for four games

If you qualify you will receive an SMS from Mecca Bingo to tell you the number of free tickets that you have for the upcoming Cashclimber.

Please note: This is an ongoing Saturday night promotion until 26th May.