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Over the last couple of months we have seen a number of brands powered by the 888 / Cassava software disappear from the online bingo scene and today it is the turn of Snap Bingo.

The chances are that Snap Bingo is not a name that you have even heard of before now. It’s one of many of the Dragonfish network sites that have been around a while but aren’t heavily advertised.

We can’t be sure of an exact launch date but believe the site has been around since 2010 at least.

Snap Bingo Will Disappear Into The Ether

Sadly, like many brands before it, the closure of Snap Bingo is likely to be of little concern to players simply because it is a network brand. Whilst players may have formed friendships in the chat rooms, these can be maintained at any other site on the Dragonfish network.

It’s not going to be a loss to the industry as a whole and to be honest, we are expecting some others to follow suit from this network and the Cozy Games platform over the next couple of months.

With that sad, for every site closure we usually see another site launch and it was only a few days ago that Small Bingo joined the network. Like buses, there will be another along soon.

Sites That Have Closed Recently

October saw several of the Cashcade brands close and these were Graces, Kiss My, Offer X and Peachy Bingo. November and Jackpot Bingo retired from the game but in December, several closed their doors for the last time:

  • Female Bingo
  • Top Ten Bingo
  • Bingo Broadway
  • KMB Original
  • Banana Bingo
  • KS (King Solomon’s) Bingo
  • Postcode Bingo
  • Little Big Bingo

In the past we have seen brands close and then launch again on a different platform but the branding isnt strong enough for Snap Bingo for this to be likely.