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We’ve not been backward in coming forward about our dislike of the new marketing from Foxy Bingo and it would appear that we aren’t the only ones who aren’t overly impressed.

We took a look around Twitter and other social media sites like Facebook.

The issue doesn’t seem to be that players are disappointed to find that Heather Graham was in the suit, more that she couldn’t get other work.

Twitter, Heather Graham And Foxy

One Twitter user asks a very valid question – ‘What the fuck did Heather Graham do to her agent that was so diabolical it landed her the Foxy Bingo ad?!’

Another is equally as shocked saying ‘Wow. Heather Graham’s doing tv ads for Foxy Bingo. She must be struggling for work.’

And others continue in a similar vein:

Oh dear God. Did I just see Heather Graham doing an ad for Foxy Bingo? What’s wrong with you Hollywood. Give her a job!!

Did I just see #HeatherGraham, aka Roller Girl, in an advert for Foxy Bingo or should I stop drinking Cough Syrup recreationally?

But what do Foxy Bingo players think of the reveal?

Facebook Reactions To New Foxy Bingo

We checked out a couple of groups on Facebook and this is just one of the comments found:

No disrespect foxy bingo but her career must be going down the crapper if she has resorted to doing this!

For the most part, if the fan pages are to be believed, the players can take or leave the new look and the new face of the brand. All they seem interested in, those that contribute at least, is receiving freebies and bonuses.

What do you think of the new face of one of the best known brands in the world of online bingo?