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One of our regular jobs here at Two Big Ladies HQ is to check on some of the more established brands. We like to have a nosey, see if they’ve had a makeover and generally see if much has changed.

It was on one of these missions that we noticed that Starlight Bingo, a Live Bingo Network (LBN) site, was redirecting to Landmark Bingo. We’re used to seeing brands from Cozy Games redirecting to another on the same network when they close, but we don’t recall this site notifying players that it was to stop trading.

When Did Starlight Bingo Close?

We know that Starlight Bingo first launched onto LBN in the summer of 2014 and then a little more digging revealed that in September 2015, people who were promoting the brand were told that there were issues with the owners of the brand. There were referred to as being ‘completely inactive’ and were unresponsive to Cozy Games when they tried to contact them.

It was advised that promotion of the site was stopped at that point.

However, the site itself continued trading but when it stopped, we are not sure. No further details are available about the closure at this time.

Starlight Bingo Alternatives

If we’re honest, the closure went unnoticed for quite some time by us which is an indication of how little the site is missed by players. The reason for this is likely that there are so many brands on the Cozy Games software, and not just on the Live Bingo Network, that Starlight Bingo was quickly replaced by another new brand!

Let’s presume that the site closed by July 2016, since then, LBN alone have launched the following sites:

  1. Lucky Diner Bingo
  2. The Bingo Queen
  3. Lucky Puppy Bingo
  4. Nugget Bingo
  5. Jungle Fever Bingo
  6. Paw Print Bingo
  7. Bingo Gran
  8. Arctic Bingo
  9. Plush Bingo

That’s without mention the brands that have opened under the Best Bingo Network!