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In our line of work, we come across some pretty random brand names for new bingo sites and over the last couple of days, we’ve heard some doozies.

First La La Land and now Barbados Bingo! We’re waiting for Cloud Cuckoo Bingo and Skegness Bingo now….

Funnily enough, the latest are from the 15 Network. No shock there then because it is they who really seem to scrape the bottom of the proverbial barrel when it comes to branding.

Barbados Bingo Design

We know very little about the product other than it is reported to be coming soon to the 15 Network which means that it will be powered by the Jumpman Gaming software.

We don’t know who owns the site, nor do we have any inking of what the aesthetics of the site will be. With most 15 Network having a very similar frame in the way the home page is designed, we don’t have high hopes for the overall look of the site.

We’re expecting palm trees and coconuts with crystal clear waters and a blazing sun but will all that be enough to have us rushing to play at the site when it does open?

Barbados Bingo Welcome Offer

Presuming our sources are right, and the site is going to launch on the 15 Network, then we’re expecting that new players will be offered a spin on the Mega Wheel when the may their first deposit with the brand. This could see you win up to 500 free spins (remind you of anything?).

We’re not waiting with baited breath for the launch because, to date, none of these coming soon brands on the Jumpman Gaming software have made an appearance yet:

  • Hashtag Bingo
  • Bingo Sanctuary
  • Alpine Bingo
  • Catch Bingo Go
  • Spins Bingo
  • Bingo Aliens
  • BJs Bingos
  • Coffee Break Bingo