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Funky Dee isn’t a name that you are likely to have come across if you’re older than 20, and even some readers under that age may not have heard of him. However, he’s the person responsible for the tune that has been parodied in the new Sun Bingo commercial and we have no doubt that after you’ve seen the ad, you’ll have the tune stuck in your head.

The original track is called “Are you gonna bang doe?” but Sun Bingo have used creative licence on it and it’s become “Are you gonna bingo?.

New Demographic Appeal In Sun Bingo Advert

It’s not an advert that’s going to hold much appeal to the blue rinse brigade but from the demographic it is clearly trying to target, it’s sure to be a hit in our opinion.

Not only is the tune quite catchy, when you sit and listen to the words there are some really funny lines in there and also, a few near to the knuckle ones too. It’s funny, witty and the tune will be a bit like the “Go Compare” song that gets stuck in your head.

Jayde Adams is the star of the commercial, a comedian from Bristol and whilst she might not be who you’d ordinarily pick to front your brand – it works really well for Sun Bingo.

There are so many funny parts in the advert that it is hard to pick the one that really stands out but we’re going to go with the singing horse. The horse raps a bit…

Wot? You think you can blot with the best? Not me fam, now this nag ain’t blessed.

Oi, you better bingo with the Sun. Wish I could join but I don’t have a thumb.

He then ads “or a reliable Internet connection”.

Watch The Sun Bingo Advert

We could wax lyrical about the advert, and pull the funnies from it all day but we think it’s better if you watch it for yourself. You can do so by clicking the image below: