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Sun Bingo may have recently broken a few records with the Guinness Book Of World Records, and that’s quite impressive but what they have recently done to affiliates who promote their brand is not nearly as impressive.

For readers who don’t understand what affiliates are, these are sites, a bit like ours, that recommend a product or service to the people who use their web pages. Sun Bingo, like Foxy Bingo before it, asked such sites to attract players to their product by reporting on their promotions and reviewing their bingo site.

In return, for each player who registered and made a deposit, the site who had referred the player, received a percentage of the deposit. Then every time the player made a deposit, the site would continue to receive a small percentage.

Sun Bingo Drop Affiliates

Not so long ago, Foxy Bingo made the decision to move their affiliate program and in the move, affiliates lost all the players that they had ever sent to the brand. This infuriated affiliates but it meant that Foxy Bingo saved themselves quite a bit of money each month….

It looks as though Sun Bingo thought it was a great money saving exercise and they have no followed suit! For affiliates who believed they entered into an agreement for a lifetime revenue share on each player, this is a real kick in the teeth.

No Affect For The Actual Player At Sun Bingo

Whilst this has no adverse affect immediately on the Sun Bingo player, it does make you question the scruples of a brand that can do this. If a business partner can be cut off just like that, how can a player expect to have an open and honest relationship with the site?

However, we have to say, we aren’t overly shocked at the behaviour of Sun Bingo, after all, it wasn’t that many years ago that they royally shafted the people who own and operate tombola by plagiarising their design for the software used. A software that Sun Bingo had previously leased from tombola….

Says it all really!